New York, Part 1

I’m leaving for a trip to NYC soon, and I can hardly wait! This destination is special, because not only is it full of wonderful things to experience, I also once lived there and go back every other year or so, so in a way it feels like going home.

Because it’s such a busy city and action-packed trip, I know I won’t have much time to draw there. And that’s ok! Artist trips that soak up inspiration are great, too!

One thing that I am really looking forward to is a visit to Kremer Pigments, a specialty art supplier from Germany, whose only US presence is in NYC. I have placed orders with them before, but I’m excited to go see the store for myself.

We have tickets to the musical Come From Away, and plans to visit The Guggenheim, the International Center for Photography and the High Line. On each visit, I also stop in at the famous Stephen A. Schwartzman Building of the  New York Public Library. Not only is it an interesting place to see, it holds special memories for me.

When I first arrived in New York in 2001, I was staying across the river in New Jersey with some married friends in an apartment with no doors. So to give them as much privacy as I possibly could, I would sit in the library, read vintage magazines and write postcards to my friends at home before walking the few blocks to Port Authority for the bus ride back to Hoboken. I loved how accessible such a beautiful place was, how anyone could sit there for hours and take in all the history and resources it had to offer. I still love that about the Schwartzman building, even though when I visit now, I don’t stay nearly as long. Memories are inspirational too, and when I return I am sure I’ll be motivated to create many scenes of New York’s present, and maybe its past as well.