“Wild, Blooming Places” collage and acrylic on Legion Stonehenge paper by Stephanie Khattak.

“The wild places are where we began. When they end, so do we.” – David Brower

We crave order, but are drawn to wild things: The tangle of wildflowers, the carefree ways of animals, the rushing rivers and rustling trees that can’t be truly contained or controlled by humans.

To “go wild” has come to mean to lose control, to stray from the path. And, so often when we try to simplify our lives, we try to do it by taking from ourselves, whether it’s through minimalist philosophies, over-scheduled life plans or other constricting frameworks. Maybe we should loosen up, be kinder to ourselves and experience the ways that life can also be simple when we just allow ourselves to flourish where we are, in the ways we are drawn to do so.

The creator who made the wildflowers, animals and rivers made us, too. And just like flora and fauna, we were made for wild and blooming places.