Research Notes: Archival Maps

The Texas State Archives has an interesting and pretty comprehensive Flickr page that includes archival photography collections, drawings, postcard and maps, among other digitized artifacts. I enjoyed looking through these Texas history documents and digging deeper into the different East Texas vintage maps of Texas State Parks, architectural drafts and technical drawings. I especially appreciated the materials, dates and professional credit citations found on many of these pieces, and I love how beautiful these very technical documents can be. They truly stand on their own as works of art, and as pieces in the public domain, they’re available to be inspired by and get creative with. I think they’d make amazing home decor pieces printed on fine art paper and displayed in a framed series!

Caddo Lake State Park – Plot Plan for Cabins, Roads, and Parking Areas – SP.40.10. Specific date: 06/1939
Draftsman: Pressler, Paul E. Tissue paper with ink and pencil. Ink colors: blue, black, brown, red, yellow. Green and lead pencil. LN: 36.05 X WD: 23.96.
via Texas State Archives
Tyler State Park – Master Plan – SP.54.155. Master plan, including lake, proposed boat house, proposed concession and bath house, proposed caretaker’s residence, area selected for proposed golf course, tentative site for proposed stables and trail to stables. Early date: 1934 | Late date: 1945
 Draftsman: Chambers. Watercolor on paper with some printing. LN: 36.625 x WD: 24.25
via Texas State Archives
Daingerfield State Park – Master Plan. Specific Date: 01/26/1938
 Architect: Winsborough, Calvert S. Remarks: Color privileges: Paper-accompanied by a 1 page narrative report.
 Dimensions: LN: 23 x HT: 32 7/8.
via Texas State Archives
Huntsville State Park – Huntsville Utilities Plan – SP.61_005. Utilities plan, including overview of park, park boundary, Big Chinquapin Creek, lake, dam, spillway, organized camp and septic tank, park roads, custodian’s group, well and pump house, incinerator, septic tank near custodian’s group, boat house.. Specific date: 12/17/1937
 Draftsman: Cohen, M.D. Black ink and blue ink on waxed linen. Dimensions: LN: 37.625 x WD: 25.25
via Texas State Archives