NFT Art Experiment

“Sparkle Lasso,” NFT Digital Photo Collage by Stephanie Khattak.
“Butterfly Girl,” NFT Digital Photo Collage by Stephanie Khattak.
“Yellow and Orange,” NFT Digital Photo Collage by Stephanie Khattak.

As an artist, I think it is important to try new things and see where my art can go to reach more audiences and stretch myself in both the types of art I create, and the technical and business tasks involved in entering a new market. So, I am offering a few pieces of digital NFT art on!

It was interesting to create for this new platform. I wanted to keep to my current style and perspective, and at the same time I didn’t want to simply scan in images of my current work. (While I am proud of all of my work, it looks best IRL!) So, I combined old found and family photos with digitized vintage decorative elements found in the public domain. Then, I used the Procreate app on the iPad to add digital hand-painted touches. I like how it turned out! I spent about a half-day setting up the platform and cryptocurrency wallet necessary to host the work and run the transactions, and then I was set for my first auction, which can be found here.

Right now, the current NFT art market leans toward styles that are quite different than mine, and more established artists with bigger followings are most successful. I do think there’s a place for artists like me in the NFT art world, but I am not sure that now is the time. Regardless, I find it beneficial to adapt to and test new ideas and seek out opportunities when they appear. This will probably be my only NFT art collection for a while, as I feel that personally, my creative opportunities are stronger elsewhere right now. But like everything else, I do suspect that this technology will eventually become more mainstream, and that by familiarizing myself with it now, I can more easily jump back in if I want to.

I do get a kick out of the idea that my family’s photos are out there on platforms that they could never even dream of being on. Some of the photos I have are from the early 1900s! Can you imagine trying to explain NFTs to them? It’s hard enough for me to understand.

The auction ends soon, but I did enjoy creating this new style of work, and you’ll probably see more of it. If it speaks to you, please get in touch about prints or commissions. Even if a piece sells in auction, I retain the copyright, so these are considered available works!