Art Commissions

Commissions and custom pieces are available primarily through professional liaisons such as interior designers, art advisors, or corporate art buyers who are commissioning art for a business, hospitality or nonprofit space. A select number of slots are reserved each quarter for direct commissions. Please read through this basic FAQ, and get in touch if you’d like to move forward.

Details may vary slightly, depending on the client’s unique needs. But this is the basic project framework that you can expect.

Custom Art FAQ:

What information is needed in order to start the commission process? What photos work best?

Along with basic information such as preferred size and project timeline, please take a closer look at my work to understand what reference photos look best in my artistic style. Because this type of work is very abstract, a photo where fine details are important, such as a large posed group photo or a detailed portrait, will not be as successful. In most cases, the background will have minimal details so that the focal point can stand out. You must be comfortable with faceless figures and the fact that it will not be an exact replica of your reference photo. If there is a special accent color or two that you’d like me to use in the work, or a specific point to highlight, please let me know. I am also happy to help you choose a photo if there are a few that you think might work, but need help narrowing it down. I will always be honest about which photos will be successful and which won’t be, because I want you to be happy with your artwork. While I do and have before printed from modern photography, vintage photos are my specialty and consistent client favorites.

If you are a B2B client, I would love to look through historic files in your heritage collection or research relevant archives, and provide you with a few options if you’d like.

As a matter of policy, I don’t print from nude photos of people of any age or from any era. I reserve the right to decline commissions that depict discriminatory, violent or vulgar scenes or that don’t dignify the subjects.

All custom pieces are works on paper, and will ship unframed.

These time estimates assume one piece sized between 9X12 and 16X20. Larger and/or multiple works will alter these timelines.

What is the commission process?

After we agree on a photo and basic concept, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. (This will increase for holiday orders.) Due to the nature of monotype printmaking, there are no changes available at the plate painting/ printing stage. At that point, I will have worked with you to understand your preferences and goals for the completed piece. Once we start the project, you can expect to hear from me once a week with updates or questions. Based on my current workload, projects initiated by September will be delivered by mid-October.

I don’t send sketches, because sketches aren’t part of my process. But I can work with you on subtle composition and color preferences and other custom touches. My prints stay true to the photo, so I avoid removing people, am unable to add people and it won’t be possible to alter the poses.

Along with your first invoice, you will receive a project timeline with milestones specific to your project.

Because I am often working in my studio and away from a desk, email is the best contact method. Please allow 24-hours for a response. Email communication also helps me best document your preferences and any special details. With that said, if you would still prefer to schedule a phone call, that is fine!

Payment Information:

Commissioned pieces start at $750* and go up depending on size and complexity. I don’t pay out finder’s or agency fees beyond gallery/dealer relationships which have been established in writing. This price includes time spent managing the project and customer success activities, as well as packing, shipping and handling. (Nonprofit rates are available.) Clients pay in two installments: 50 percent non-refundable deposit to begin your order, and the remainder when your artwork is complete and I have sent you a postal tracking number. Work begins when the initial deposit is received. I invoice via PayPal with net-14 day terms. No refunds are available after your deposit is processed and the project begins.

If you would like for me to have the work professionally scanned and provide you with a digital file, I can handle that and add it to your invoice. This will add extra weeks to the timeline depending on the vendor’s schedule.

Commissions may be reproduced for personal use, but a separate licensing agreement is necessary in order to sell reproductions or put the image on products, advertisements, editorial work, etc.

Do you offer murals or other site specific work?

While my process won’t work for pieces painted directly on walls, I can deliver these projects by professionally enlarging and digitally transferring my original art to different materials. This process will take a bit longer, but please ask if you are interested.

How do you handle digital rights to the photographs you print from?

Creating art inspired by photos can be tricky. Most of the images I use fall under the public domain, are tagged in archives without rights restrictions, or are personal family photos. I will occasionally create from other vintage photos, making changes in style, context and tone that constitute fair use, and rarely offering those for sale. If I work from a photo that has been provided to me, digital rights will have been cleared by the organization or individual.

If you have read and understand this process and would like to continue the conversation, let’s connect!

*Prices and policies valid until January 1, 2022.