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Category: Fashion Illustration

Green Thumb

I bought a *Gelli plate and *brayer to experiment with printing techniques, and had some leftover test papers. I especially liked the way these bright rainbow colors turned out, and decided to work them into a new collage piece. I used plain bubble wrap to make a dot texture on her skirt. Leaping rabbits thanks to a stamp set. (TBH I’m not stoked about how the rabbits look. I think I should have used a thinner acrylic or ink vs. thicker ink. Ah well, that’s why I test and learn.)… Read more Green Thumb

Camp: 2019 Met Gala

“Camp [is] larger than life, all fun and games—don’t take it too seriously, darling!”-Lizzo in Vogue. The Met Gala’s red carpet is always a lot of fun to see. Each year, the theme changes to match the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual fashion exhibition, and “Camp” is the theme for 2019. I found favorite looks faster than my drawing skills can keep up with, so there are a lot of screen shots saved for later. These were two of my favorite pink ladies. We’re going on our annual trip to… Read more Camp: 2019 Met Gala


This past weekend, I went home to East Texas to watch my best friend’s daughters in their annual spring dance show. It had been ages since I had been to a dance recital, and I really enjoyed watching the dancers and seeing their beautiful costumes. (I also really enjoyed watching my 85-year old grandfather try to make sense of an interpretive dance of “Paul Blart, Mall Cop,” but that’s another story for another day!) Despite a decade of dance lessons, I was denied a spot on my high school dance… Read more Dancers