Pine Curtain Project

Through the Pine Curtain Stories project, I document a rural East Texas community’s gifts, challenges and evolution through generations of family and community culture played out against a lush, moody and sometimes fantastical backdrop of thick pine forests, swimming holes, fields and wildflowers. And later, coming-of-age vignettes of church dances, cemetery gates, best friendships and the sometimes broken roads we take toward bittersweet futures.

For as long as I can remember, I have used creative expression to help communicate things that I can’t always articulate verbally. So, some stories will be written, some drawn, printed, collaged, maybe something with photos or videos or music – I don’t know where it will lead!

My goal is to have enough completed work to show and/or sell in 2021, and to publish an art book that includes the best of these pieces. If you would like to connect with me as a potential exhibiting art space, publication interested in my story and perspective, collector interested in purchasing completed work, or just to say hi, please email info (at)

Feel free to share these pages on social media with credit. All content, visual art, misc creative work, and other IP is the copyrighted to Stephanie Khattak and can’t be republished without permission.