Pine Curtain Confidential

This audio drama blends fact and fiction to share mysteries, histories, tall tales and ghost stories from the East Texas Pine Curtain Project, with some autobiographical monologues thrown in to keep things interesting.

Imperfect Tidings Pine Curtain Confidential

This episode of East Texas podcast Pine Curtain Confidential tells the story of holiday traditions and happy memories of imperfect holidays. Centered around two stories of Christmas in rural Angelina County, this holiday Texas podcast episode stitches together archival documentary audio and autobiographic narrative to create a funny, thoughtful multi layered story that resonates. Pine Curtain Confidential is produced by artist, writer and folklore enthusiast Stephanie Khattak.
  1. Imperfect Tidings
  2. Consider the Wampus Cat
  3. Ghost Story, Ghost Town

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Beginning Spring 2022:

“The Prophets of Wolf Creek”
This story follows early immigrants to Texas from Tennessee, and explores how a disaster on the Mississippi River left them with only their faith to start anew, and a legacy where their descendants could walk on water. (Coming Soon.)


“Swan Dive”


Fall/Winter 2021 has been the soft launch of Pine Curtain Confidential, a time to work on the format, content and schedule while testing the concept. Thanks for your patience! I write, produce, edit and distribute it myself, so it takes some time to deliver. Beginning in 2022, I plan to publish episodes from April-June and again from September – early December.

Currently, the East Texas podcast Pine Curtain Confidential is not broadcast in an interview format, so I can’t accept guest solicitations. Keeping it simple for now! If that changes, I’ll announce future guest opportunities here on my Web site or in the newsletter.

Identifying information in episodes will be changed unless it has appeared in public, verifiable record. References to people, conversations and situations in modern times (post-1980) should be considered a composite, alias or other semi-fictional entity unless I have obtained specific permission to share otherwise.