Pine Curtain Project

Through the Pine Curtain Stories project, I document a rural East Texas community’s gifts, challenges and evolution through generations of family and community culture and folklore played out against a lush, moody and sometimes fantastical backdrop of thick pine forests, swimming holes, fields and wildflowers. This part of the state, like many other rural areas, is changing rapidly, and in the process, erasing irreplaceable things. This project is my attempt to capture and share some of the magic before the “pine curtain” comes down for good.

Please be in touch if you’d like to learn more about exhibiting art from the Pine Curtain project in your museum, gallery or other creative space. Slots are available beginning Feb. 5, 2021.

Feel free to share these pages on social media with credit. All content, visual art, misc creative work, and other IP is the copyrighted to Stephanie Khattak and can’t be republished without permission. I purposefully change names and lightly fictionalize identifying details for living people who are not directly related to me, or have not given explicit permission to be written about. In sharing specific historical accounts, I do include names and facts that I have been able to verify in public record.