Recent Work

Acrylic Monotype Print

My primary method of artwork is acrylic monotype printmaking, where I paint images and scenes on a non-porous substrate and then print from that plate. The end result is hard to predict and a little abstract, which is all part of the fun. I enjoy pairing this method with pieces for the Pine Curtain Project and other historic works, as it speaks to the natural blurring and rearranging of the subject matter that is inevitable through time, place and memory. After I print the image, I lightly hand embellish each piece with specialty materials such as metallic ink, interference paint, pure pigment and gold leaf.

Terminology: Because monotypes can only be pulled once from the original plate, in this case, the word print typically means a single piece made from this process. I offer limited fine art reproductions or “studio prints” as multiples, which means the original piece has been professionally scanned, printed and often hand-embellished.

More completed pieces, works in progress and inspiration can be found on my blog and social media.

Logging Crew,” by Stephanie Khattak
In the Car, In the 30s,” by Stephanie Khattak
“East Texas Church,” by Stephanie Khattak
“Pineywoods Royalty,” by Stephanie Khattak
Two Mule Skidders and a Man,” by Stephanie Khattak
Lufkin Railroad Gang,” by Stephanie Khattak
Nature’s Playground,” by Stephanie Khattak

Digital Art

I use digital painting apps, an iPad and Apple Pencil to create digital photo collage pieces. The images are family, found and archived photos, and collage elements are sourced from public domain databases and include archival patterns, textiles and other ephemera.