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Tag: ink

Inktober 2019!

Happy Inktober/October! Yes, I know this isn’t “real” ink, but i was playing around with Adobe Fresco and really enjoying its ink brushes, so I thought I would make a little rough animation. Not sure if she’s a superhero, or just in disguise. I guess it just depends on the day!

Abstract Gel Prints

I don’t have a lot of time this week, but it’s important to commit to at least a few hours in the studio, both as a commitment to my art, and a way to make sure I prioritize something important to me. So, yesterday afternoon, I took out my Gelli plate and made some quick prints. I’m still learning this method and I really love it! It’s great for making quick pieces and having the validation of finishing something while taking my time with other things in the background. I… Read more Abstract Gel Prints