Lucy Ann

“Lucy Ann,” Acrylic Monotype by Stephanie Khattak.

This portrait is of Lucy Ann, my great-great-great aunt, who lived between 1866 and 1958 in Huntington, Texas.

Portraits are a bit of a challenge for me, because faces are big enough to not look right left “blank,” but the print process makes it tricky to get the details right and still maintain the abstract look that I am going for. I am happy with the way this one turned out.

A Multitude of Matriarchs

“Multitude of Matriarchs,” Monotype Print: Acrylic and Ink by Stephanie Khattak.

This print was taken from a 1960s baby shower at the Homer United Methodist Church. These were the hostesses, family friends who could always be counted on to spray their hair, polish up their cat-eye glasses and punch bowls, and run the show.

Many, many years after this, I hosted my first shower for my own expectant friend, in the same church fellowship hall where these ladies stand. I remember standing in the church breezeway, cutting gladiola stems, wondering if we had enough tablecloths and feeling a connection to the community of “aunties” who I had seen do the same things over the years. I’m proud to come from a community where it is second nature to show up and celebrate people.