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New York, Part 2

As an artist who loves to travel, I tend to distill my trips down to what I consider to be the essentials: art, books and coffee. As long as I have those things in place, I know everything else about the trip will be icing on the cake – or gilding on the canvas, for a more artistic analogy. With that in mind, here are my top tips for travel to NYC if you’re an artist or just an art appreciator. Art: Kremer Pigments. I know I have mentioned this… Read more New York, Part 2

New York, Part 1

I’m leaving for a trip to NYC soon, and I can hardly wait! This destination is special, because not only is it full of wonderful things to experience, I also once lived there and go back every other year or so, so in a way it feels like going home. Because it’s such a busy city and action-packed trip, I know I won’t have much time to draw there. And that’s ok! Artist trips that soak up inspiration are great, too! One thing that I am really looking forward to… Read more New York, Part 1