Camp: 2019 Met Gala

“Inspired by Lizzo in Marc Jacobs” by Stephanie Khattak.

“Camp [is] larger than life, all fun and games—don’t take it too seriously, darling!”
-Lizzo in Vogue.

“Inspired by Kacey Musgraves as Barbie in Moschino” by Stephanie Khattak.

The Met Gala’s red carpet is always a lot of fun to see. Each year, the theme changes to match the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual fashion exhibition, and “Camp” is the theme for 2019.

I found favorite looks faster than my drawing skills can keep up with, so there are a lot of screen shots saved for later. These were two of my favorite pink ladies.

We’re going on our annual trip to NYC next month, and the “Camp” exhibition is definitely on our itinerary! I’m sure I’ll come back with even more inspiration.

These are digital paintings made with the Apple Pencil and Procreate app on an iPad Pro.

Flower Power

“Flower Power” by Stephanie Khattak. Acrylic Gouache, Watercolor and Metallic Drawing Ink on Paper. 2019.

I don’t paint many still lifes (still lives?), preferring instead the gesture and movement of figurative drawings. But I’ve noticed that every six months or so, my style and preferences evolve a bit. I wouldn’t say they ‘level up,’ because that means that one is better than the other, or that I enjoy painting one more, and other than improving as an artist, there’s not that much of a change. Maybe a better phrase is “level across.”

This potted plant isn’t found in nature. I started it because I had some new paints I wanted to test out. (Holbein Acryla Gouache.) I do like the way it turned out, though. I enjoyed filling in the pattern, and the flowers remind me of butterflies!

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