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Tag: pink

Gelli Print Magazine Transfer

This type of printmaking is pretty tricky, but I love the results. In the best cases, I can use the image twice – once for the print, and again for a pop of color in a collage. Here’s a great tutorial for this process!

Camp: 2019 Met Gala

“Camp [is] larger than life, all fun and games—don’t take it too seriously, darling!”-Lizzo in Vogue. The Met Gala’s red carpet is always a lot of fun to see. Each year, the theme changes to match the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual fashion exhibition, and “Camp” is the theme for 2019. I found favorite looks faster than my drawing skills can keep up with, so there are a lot of screen shots saved for later. These were two of my favorite pink ladies. We’re going on our annual trip to… Read more Camp: 2019 Met Gala

Flower Power

I don’t paint many still lifes (still lives?), preferring instead the gesture and movement of figurative drawings. But I’ve noticed that every six months or so, my style and preferences evolve a bit. I wouldn’t say they ‘level up,’ because that means that one is better than the other, or that I enjoy painting one more, and other than improving as an artist, there’s not that much of a change. Maybe a better phrase is “level across.” This potted plant isn’t found in nature. I started it because I had… Read more Flower Power