Green Thumb

I bought a *Gelli plate and *brayer to experiment with printing techniques, and had some leftover test papers. I especially liked the way these bright rainbow colors turned out, and decided to work them into a new collage piece.

I used plain bubble wrap to make a dot texture on her skirt.

Leaping rabbits thanks to a stamp set. (TBH I’m not stoked about how the rabbits look. I think I should have used a thinner acrylic or ink vs. thicker ink. Ah well, that’s why I test and learn.)

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Where it all began! Introducing MollyPop. 2016.

Ewe Look So Pretty.

You Shouldn’t Have…But I’m So Glad You Did!

I always find it interesting to see how an artist’s style has evolved over the years. I started out drawing animals because I wasn’t confident drawing people. Now that I draw people almost exclusively, I wonder if I should add some animals back in! I love the personalities that they can show.