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Tag: travel illustration

Travel Art Prints

I’ve been missing our more ambitious travels, but at the same time, I am enjoying the day trips that my husband and I have taken recently. Because of the pandemic and the fact that we have two rambunctious kittens at home, we are choosing day trips to scratch our traveling art adventure itches. James enjoys photographing facades, historic downtowns and other iconic scenes of the places we visit. As I looked through the photos and admire the retro details and colors of these buildings, I wondered how they would look… Read more Travel Art Prints

Santa Fe Pen Sketches

Hard to distill the essence of Santa Fe into a few drawings. But what really stood out to me there was the contrast and coexistence between the city’s rich cultural heritage and rugged natural beauty, and its thriving and progressive modern art scene. Here are two sketch studies with gel pen, marker and pastel that I will draw from for a more detailed piece and writing later on.